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    Issues signing/clearing valid signatures in DC?


      Hoping someone can help me with this:


      I made a fillable form using Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES Version 8.2, with text fields and two signature fields. Everything works fine in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, however, not everyone who needs to utilize this form has access to Adobe 9 Pro Extended; they are using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Because this is a daily form, usually with the same or similar information, most of the employees have (for some time now) simply cleared their signatures and saved a new copy with a new signature each day, and unfortunately are not able to do that anymore.


      Within Adobe DC, regardless of the validity of the signature, if the signer closes the file and re-opens the signed document he/she cannot clear his/her own signature. Does anyone have a work-around for this? I have tried adding the Digital ID to the Trusted Certificates list, and all that does is verify the signature; there is still no option to clear the signature. Obviously, for security reasons, not just anyone should be able to clear a signature, but the fact that the person who signed the document cannot clear it, from the same computer used to sign the document originally, seems outlandish to me.


      Also, we have encountered an issue with the Supervisor not being able to sign after the employee has signed. There are no locking conflicts (I have confirmed this with both the base file and the employee); and it is only with this one employee. The employee is utilizing DC, the supervisor is utilizing Adobe 9. Please advise if you have any potential ways to mitigate this.


      If anyone else has had these issues, please let me know how you are working with/around them! It's driving my team crazy.