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    Flash Player for Video Sharing ( for use with Blujeans Video Conferencing)


      Our Windows 7 Systems currently have flash version 24,0,0,194 installed.  We use a desktop video conferencing service called BlueJeans.  In the app you can play video to all on the call.  The first time you try to play or view a video through the call you are prompted to install flash.  The version of Flash that Bluejeans states we need is called Flash Player for video sharing.  The links they have to the software can be viewed at this link on the BlueJeans Support Site

      I am trying to install the version for Windows 7 which is listed as flashplayer22_ra_install_win7.exe   This appears to be a bootstrapper file that connects to adobe and downloads the player to install however the process fails within seconds of install.  I want to find out more about this player if anyone has used it before.  I am also looking for the actual install file and not the bootstrapper file since I need to install this on many PCs and Can't find it anywhere.


      Can someone assist?