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    Trump Draws Motion Tracking?

    fashionrisk1 Level 1

      Can anyone point a relative newbie to a tutorial that walks through the steps for adding a 2D plane to footage.  The most entertaining application is:


      Trump Draws (@TrumpDraws) | Twitter


      Mine is a different type of project, but that's the result I'm looking to accomplish.  I only have the "stock" install of AE CC 2017 (no Mocha) so I'd like to stick with native AE tools.


      For this type of project, would you use a camera track then parent a null to the desired plane, or, is motion tracking the way to go?  I'm getting horrible results with both techniques, so if there's a tutorial that would illustrate the key concepts I'd be ever so grateful!



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Camera tracking tracks camera movement and recreates the camera used to film the scene. It does not the 3D movement of objects in the scene. After Effects has no 3D tracker.


          You would use corner pin tracking or Mocha AE (comes with AE) to corner pin track and then replace the objects in the screen. The very best technique depends entirely on the shot. The success of the track also depends on the shot. I would suggest that you type corner pin tracking and track in mocha in the search help field at the top right corner of AE and study up. Google will probably give you about as many bad and ineffective techniques as good ones so stick with search help and the community resources. You have to vet your trainers.


          If you have a specific shot you want to try please post a sample or you can use Adobe Stock to download some appropriate footage to practice on.


          Here's an advanced technique that I use to replace objects all the time. I think it works best for many of the common shots that I have in my productions and it's what I would use to reproduce your sample video.

          Sometimes its easiest to stabilize the footage (you should also study up on that technique and stop the part you want from moving. You then add the new element (drawing) and then remove the stabilization from the original scene and add it to the new element. Again, this depends on the shot.