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    Preventing page scaling by third parties


      Hi there,


      Is anyone aware of a way to prevent third parties from resizing PDFs while printing?


      I work for an organization that's using an Optical Mark Recognition program to automate the entry of survey data. Our process involves sending PDFs to third parties who then print the documents and have participants fill them out manually. The facilitators then scan them and send the files back to us for processing.


      The problem we've come up against is that some of these third parties use printers that resize the surveys. This creates a situation in which our OMR software has a difficult time interpreting the final product.


      At the individual level, it's easy enough to tell people to check "Actual size" rather than "Fit to page" when printing, but we're working with large groups, and it's unlikely all of them will follow this instruction. Any ideas for how to effectively lock the document would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!