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    InDesign CS5 Upgrade from PageMaker 7.02

    macterrence Level 1

      Some time ago, we purchased InDesign CS5 upgrade versions after finding on the Adobe website that it was a valid upgrade from PageMaker 7.02.


      When installing InDesign CS5, PageMaker is not an option in the dropdown to upgrade from. I've always had to either call in and get a code or first install PageMaker to make it work.


      Now, I haven't had to do this in a while. But, today I am having problems.


      I was on chat over an hour trying to get this resolved and nobody could help me. I called and was told to go to the forums or get on chat.


      I tried installing PageMaker, but I can't get it to install correctly on Windows 10 and when I try to install InDesign, it doesn't pick up the PageMaker license.


      Like I said, in the past I usually just called in real fast. They would ask for the serial of both InDesign and PageMaker and then have me hold CTRL+SHIFT and double click on the screen to get a code. I would give them the code and they would give me a different code to input and it allowed me to continue to install. Does anyone know how I can get this to work?