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    Printing online pages from Adobe CC Help

    Wilson Laidlaw Level 1

      I have recently bought a new Touchbar MacBook Pro. I am using this with Photoshop CC2017.1. I found the help page for the Touchbar functions and customisation. It is much easier to have an old fashioned paper copy of this to refer to and make notes on, when you are learning a new tool or set of tools, instead of having to flip backwards and forwards between screens/apps on your computer. Sadly it seems impossible to print these pages in the way that Adobe have formatted them. With background on, you just get solid black pages and with background off, you only get the headers and footers of each page. I know I could do screen grabs and print from Preview but this is very laborious and the formatting is poor. It would be a great help if Adobe put a print topic button on each help page.


      I am sure I cannot be alone in wanting a printed reference when learning something new on any of the CC programmes.