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    copy to clipboard

    martinl90743871 Level 1

      Hi community,


      I'm working on a publish service and I'd like to use the goToPublishCollection menu (on the right click of a publish collection) to copy the remote URL into the clipboard.
      I still didn't find any solution to do that. Neither in the SDK or in the usual LUA documentation...


      Would you have any ideas? Is that possible with Lightroom_sdk?


      Thnk you!

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          You can't do this directly with the SDK. But your plugin could use LrTasks.execute() to invoke a command-line utility that will set the contents of the clipboard.  A quick Google suggests "pbcopy" on Mac and "clip.exe" on Windows.

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            martinl90743871 Level 1

            It is working!! Thank you Jogn!
            I don't think about LrTasks enough :-)


            Here is the solution in case somebody else want.


            local copyCmd = "echo '"..info.remoteUrl.."' | pbcopy"

            if prefs.os == "Windows" then

                  copyCmd = "Echo "..info.remoteUrl.." | clip"