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    Need to create a Booklet - But can't find my way


      Hi all - I have spent three days researching this, but haven't found satisfying solutions. I get part of my needs met, but not all at the same time.


      So here's the story-


      I am creating a publication which will be saddle stapled of 120 pages A5.


      I don't care what it looks like when I am editing it, but I need to do the following:


      1) Export as a PDF with each page in sequential order

      2) Export as a PDF for printing with facing pages AND page numbers on the outside of their respective pages.


      The page numbers are driving me nuts, and the more I read I get more confused (This is CS6 PC)


      Could someone share step by step instructions for

      a) setting up the document

      b) Exporting in each of the individual PDF formats above.


      Thanks -- I am doing this to help a local university that lost their print department due to budget cuts.