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    BrushBox - A better preset manager for Adobe Photoshop

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      ***See End of This Post for Update***


      Available now on Gumroad


      Currently for CC 2015 and up... CS6 version is on the way!



      • Organize your brushes and tool presets into groups, just like the Layers panel
      • See brush thumbnails for your tools, no longer just the tool icon!
      • Drag-and-drop your presets between groups or reorder them
      • Search your presets by name and preset type
      • Color code your presets and groups
      • Customize your group label fonts, make them stand out
      • Rename, delete, and make new presets - a true replacement for the Preset Manager!
      • Load multiple files at once, no more "one at a time" nonsense!
      • Resizeable thumbnails
      • Easy installation - exe file on Windows, package file on Mac
      • So much more... too many bullet points!


      Check out the latest cool kid on the Photoshop block (well, I'd like to think it's cool ).  The preset plugin that's been called out by brush creating legend Kyle Webster, and creators of other amazing plugins like the Coolorus color wheel and Lazy Nezumi!


      BrushBox is growing all the time, and it's all thanks to YOU, the artists who demand and deserve the best workflows and tools.  Photoshop presets can be tricky, and it's my goal and passion to make them easy and fun while providing new functionality never before seen in Photoshop's decades-long history.


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      Here are some new features coming soon:


      Group background images for extra customization.  A little extra something that makes your groups stand out and easy to find!


      Stroke Previews
      for all brushes (including tool preset brushes):



      Save out your sets to new files... instantly make custom ABR/TPL files.  Compose your perfect brush set into a group, and then export it!


      [UPDATE July 2018]


      My friends,

      It's been a while, hasn't it?! Well, all that time was well spent as this is, without a doubt, the biggest update in BrushBox's history. It looks mostly the same from the outside, but under the hood we've made a LOT of improvements! Here's the list:


      • CC 2014, 2015, and the original CC are all supported now
      • Clear your search
      • Looking for your starred favorites? Groups will automatically open and then close when you're done (as shown in gif)
      • Remembers the last folder you loaded files from even after restarting Photoshop
      • Smaller groups, leaving more room for your brushes, which brings us to...
      • ...omg after more than a year, CHANGE THE FONT SIZE OF GROUP NAMES
      • And more group name options like... Italic! (ooohhh!) and way more fonts should work correctly now (ahhh!), though you may need to re-setup your fonts in some cases (aww...)
      • New "enhanced" CC 2018 brushes show their tool icon
      • The BrushBox window can be shorter now
      • Asks if you really want to delete groups that contain presets
      • A warning icon lets you know if BrushBox needs to sync with Photoshop
      • Can now assign custom foreground and background paint colors to your brushes
      • Using CC 2018 and miss being able to Reset your brushes to default, or Replace them altogether? BrushBox has you covered, fam.
      • Do you have any custom brush settings (applied from the Preset Options menu)? Well you can find those quickly via the new "Options" search filter
      • "Reset to Default"



      • Loading times and drag-and-drop performance
      • If you select a preset outside of BrushBox, it'll show up as selected in BrushBox
      • UI and icon improvements
      • Multi-select (Shift click, Ctrl click, Shift + Ctrl, etc) working much better and accounts for hidden/closed groups
      • Exporting to abr/tpl working much better, and multiple groups can be exported at once
      • Stroke previews
      • When exporting on Mac, the abr/tpl extension will be automatically added to the filename



      • Antivirus programs are no longer mad at BrushBox!
      • BrushBox not showing up in certain Photoshop versions
      • Wrong right-click menus sometimes coming up

      Summer Sale

      Since it's been so long since the last update, we're doing a 20% off sale from July 23 to July 30 to bring in more people to the BrushBox family and help keep the project alive and kicking. If BrushBox has been useful to you, and you would like to help spread the word by retweeting the sale announcement (link below), it would mean the world to me <3

      Link To Tweet

      BrushBox Friends

      A huge thank you to the beta testers for this release. You helped me so much and this update wouldn't have been possible without you.

      And a shoutout to the creators of the infamous plugins Lazy Nezumi Pro (input smoothing) and Coolorus (color wheel) for their guidance and mentorship. Please support these friendly, talented developers who do amazing things for the art community at a pace that Adobe simply can't keep up with!

      What's Next

      I'm hard at work on the next BrushBox update (hoping to do much more frequent, smaller updates now), and... a new plugin! This plugin will be especially useful for those of you doing web/graphic design, illustrated books, print, and other things. Can you guess what it is?

      Announcement on the new plugin coming soon. Built on top of the BrushBox engine which means you can expect the same level of polish, usability, and masterful design* that you've enjoyed thus far.

      Thank you everyone. Keep making amazing art!

      *lol, I'm no master but I try!