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    BrushBox - A better preset manager for Adobe Photoshop

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      Available now on Gumroad


      Currently for CC 2015 and up... CS6 version is on the way!



      • Organize your brushes and tool presets into groups, just like the Layers panel
      • See brush thumbnails for your tools, no longer just the tool icon!
      • Drag-and-drop your presets between groups or reorder them
      • Search your presets by name and preset type
      • Color code your presets and groups
      • Customize your group label fonts, make them stand out
      • Rename, delete, and make new presets - a true replacement for the Preset Manager!
      • Load multiple files at once, no more "one at a time" nonsense!
      • Resizeable thumbnails
      • Easy installation - exe file on Windows, package file on Mac
      • So much more... too many bullet points!


      Check out the latest cool kid on the Photoshop block (well, I'd like to think it's cool ).  The preset plugin that's been called out by brush creating legend Kyle Webster, and creators of other amazing plugins like the Coolorus color wheel and Lazy Nezumi!


      BrushBox is growing all the time, and it's all thanks to YOU, the artists who demand and deserve the best workflows and tools.  Photoshop presets can be tricky, and it's my goal and passion to make them easy and fun while providing new functionality never before seen in Photoshop's decades-long history.


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      Here are some new features coming soon:


      Group background images for extra customization.  A little extra something that makes your groups stand out and easy to find!


      Stroke Previews
      for all brushes (including tool preset brushes):



      Save out your sets to new files... instantly make custom ABR/TPL files.  Compose your perfect brush set into a group, and then export it!