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    Can't move folder to second hard drive

    pixel_a_ted Level 1

      Using latest LR in Windows 10. I just added a second hard drive and wanted to move a folder in the LR library to the new hard drive (E:). First, E: wasn't even showing up in the folder list. To make it show up, I just put a folder inside a folder called Originals on E: and did Add Folder in LR. Now E: shows up, and under that is the Originals folder and under that is the folder I just added. All well and good. But...


      So now I wanted to move a Library folder that's on the main drive to the Originals folder on E: but when in LR I highlight and drag that folder, first I get a circle with a diagonal line through it when the cursor hovers over E: and the I get a rectangle when it hovers over the Originals folder. And nothing happens when I release the mouse click - no error message, no folder moved.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.