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    Store library in document

    motiondude Level 1

      Hi there, I recently switched from CS6 to CC17. How do I save library assets to the document instead of the cloud? I have a document with smart objects that are now in the cloud instead of in the library. I can't find where to change that. TIA

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What do you want in your document?   I do not use libraries but I am quite sure that they can contain assets that can not be in documents. For example Photoshop brushes, tool presets.

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            motiondude Level 1

            In the meantime I did some more digging (was under deadline pressure) and found the cause. When pasting in a smart object (SO), in the dialog box is an extra option: add to library. This option could be checked on by default. In CC14 and prior, a SO would be enclosed in the document. So, when handing over a document to someone else the SO links back to your CC-library. OK if it's to a coworker in the same company but far from ideal if you have hand it over to an external party.


            What I'm looking for is a way to easily revert from cloud storage to document storage of SO's. Like unchecking something through a contextual menu or something. Instead of reimporting SO's and rescale and reposition them. By the way, I'm on OSX 10.10.5. Does my explanation any sense?

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              I would think using place embedded instead of place linked would do what you want. I would not know how one could link some image document with linked smart objects  distributed to the world. Distributed software when it get  used can phone home, images do not have  code to phone home to the master document.  I do not think placed linked images can have a URL as part of the linked file address or if they can how it could be accessed Photoshop does not support remote files.

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                motiondude Level 1

                Given your response I think I didn't make myself clear. I'll try again. In CS6 you could bring in a SO in a psd document, save it and hand it off to someone else who could open the SO for editing when needed. That's what I want in CC17 as well. Simple as that.


                Problem is, I wasn't aware that SO's brought into a psd document in CC17 are automatically stored in a CC library instead of the document itself. Now my question is: how can I change the way SO's are handled in a psd document who accidentally was set to CC storage?


                I tried to bring in new SO's that are specifically set to NOT be added to any library, but upon checking they were converted to CC library objects. That leads me to the conclusion that once you have a psd with SO's set to CC library all others after are set that way too, regardless if you specify NOT to (i.e. make sure that tick box is unchecked on placement).


                I hope my story is more clear now. TIA.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  No I would expect that if a smart object layer was self contained in the layer's object that Photoshop could open it in a work psb file for you when one double clicked on the object in the layers palette. As for Photoshop defaulting to use libraries it certainly does not one my system. I do not use libraries. The only one I see in my system is my empty library for I do not put things in there and a Kyle Brush library I downloaded when he made then available. I did not realized it was a Library.  Also Brush Presets do not go into documents.  I was expecting to be downloading a Brush.tpl a Tool Presets File. You can see I placed in an Image. There a smart object layer in my document and my library is empty. And All Kyle's library has in it are Brush Presets.


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                    motiondude Level 1

                    Thanks. In my case the SO's contain vector objects. So for editing AI launches. This is super handy when you have to hand off comps for banners a.o. on multiple sizes, retina, non retina etc. I think the nightmare begun when I received a document a week ago that contained a library and I got a dialog box asking if I would like to add the library to my system. And having worked with FireWorks for years I saw no harm in that. Other than that my question remains:


                    How can I change the way SO's are handled in a psd document who accidentally were set to CC storage?


                    Luckily, my other machine's library is still empty.