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    Recent Kuler performance issues

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      Hello folks,
      We are under the hood, working to fix the recent performance issues on Kuler which are probably affecting the Kuler panel and desktop too. Work will span the next week or two, so you should see improvements soon.
      In the meantime, please report any other odd issues you may be experiencing so we can see if the fixes address that too. Thanks for your patience!
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          Well your under there, how about adding some history support? You are, after all, supposed to be disproving all the typical complaints about using Flash for web applications, and all of us Flash developers know that browser history is always one of the top concerns.
          Kind of surprised this wasn't added from the jump, but it is kind of sad that a Flash app developed by the owners and current developers of Flash doesn't have some of the simple bells and whistles that I could find at a Flash site that sells Work At Home programs or magical charms.

          Your company has done some incredible stuff with the direction of Flash... yet the world of design is still skeptical and reluctant to embrace it. Why not show them why there wrong, at every possible opportunity that presents itself?
          Otherwise, Kuler is an incredible application, and your team has done well. It just annoys me to no end that when i go to press that back button it doesn't work. It should... it isn't that hard to implement...
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            Just to let you know that kuler doesn't work in Safari. I can't login with my Adobe ID.  I realise I'm not alone in this situation, but feel that you should fix this as soon as possible.



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              VikramSethi Adobe Employee



              Please have a look at the following thread:



              Some recent login related issues related to Flash Player 10.3 are being discussed here. Are you talking about the same problem? Can you please try out the solution suggested on the thread and let us know if it worked?



              Kuler team

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                Mafted Level 1

                The solution allowing kuler local storage in Flash Player settings has worked!  All thanks to the post on this thread (number 8) by Neha Sirohi.  Cheers!