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    Photoshop CC crashes generating 3D textures


      Hi All,


      So I work a lot in 3D programs (usually Blender) and recently discovered you could use the 3D workspace in Photoshop to generate bump maps and normal maps, which is great news...BUT every time I try to do this Photoshop crashes if I use anything other than the default settings or try to work with bump and normal at the same time.


      Obviously this is really frustrating! I can't imagine it's my hardware either:


      AMD FX-8350 4Ghz

      32Gb RAM

      GTX 960 4GB

      Windows 10 Professional 64-bit

      Photoshop CC 2017


      Is anybody else having this issue or found a fix? The only thing I've found is people with CC 2015 saying to update to 2017! To be honest it seems a lot like a bug.


      Any ideas?