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    My animation just disappeared!


      I don't even know where to ask this, or whether this is a problem with Animate CC or something else, but I'm posting it here. So I've spent the past few weeks working on an animation. I've had Adobe Animate CC open the whole time, except for one point where it crashed. When it did, I kinda freaked out because I hadn't saved, but luckily flash recovered it as a RECOVER file. I assumed all was well, and continued working, while saving as I went along. I stopped working on the project for a week or so, and now it's gone from my computer. Or, at the very least, I can't find it. It's first save was when it crashed, so i don't know where it saved to. The other possibility is that it was never locatable via Finder/Desktop, as I have never seen any trace of it besides in Animate CC. In the past, I've been opening it via the "Open Recent" option, but now it's not there either. I'm so confused, and a bit panicky about this, so any help is appreciated.