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    Using Animate CC for banners with dynamic feeds from DoubleClick

    TapLuke Level 1

      Hi guys,


      has anyone of you created dynamic HTML5 banners in Animate CC for Google's DoubleClick? Since my knowledge of JS is veeeery basic, I do not understand how I can bind dynamic variables from the feed to a specific element in Animate CC.


      In my case, I want to dynamic text to be displayed in a dynamic text field in Animate CC.


      This is how a standard feed looks like from DoubleClick:


      <!-- DynamicContent Start: HTML5 invocation code. -->

      // Dynamic Content variables and sample values


      var devDynamicContent = {};

      devDynamicContent.SampleElement = [{}];

      devDynamicContent.SampleElement[0]._id = 0;

      devDynamicContent.SampleElement[0].headline = "Some headline";

      devDynamicContent.SampleElement[0].image_url = {};

      devDynamicContent.SampleElement[0].image_url.Url =


      devDynamicContent.SampleElement[0].landing_url = {};

      devDynamicContent.SampleElement[0].landing_url.Url =




      * You may access the variables in the following manner
      * AFTER the Studio Enabler is initialized:
      * var price = dynamicContent.Product[0].price;
      * Note: be sure to use "dynamicContent", not "devDynamicContent"


      So let's say I named the instance of the dynamic text field "headline", how do I get the headline text ("Some headline") from the feed displayed? And where do I need to add the code? In the HTML file, create an action for the document or create an action for the element?


      Also if you could point me to some tutorial, article on dynamic banner creation with Animate CC, I'd be really happy. I could hardly find anything.