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    PS CC 2017 won't open in background

    jotasprout Level 1

      Before upgrading to 2017, I've always clicked my Photoshop icon then returned to whatever other app I'm using to continue working while Photoshop opened in the background. I have other apps that try to jump in front while still opening (yet not ready to use) but a click or two shoves them into the background without further hassle.


      Photoshop CC 2017, however, is persistently obnoxious and jumps in front of whatever I'm using several times. So often and so fast, in fact, that when I bring the other app to the front, I don't even have time to move it to another monitor before Photoshop has jumped in front again. I would care if Photoshop was ready to use when it jumps in front any of these times, but it isn't. It does it just to be a brat.


      Is there a way to make it cease this behavior and rediscover the manners all previous versions had?