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    How do I get this visualizer in a template to work?

    Shiro Nyako Level 1

      OK so I have this template and it consists of a composition and a seperate visualiser composition.




      When I double click the Visualizer comp I get this, (the layers you see are layers the template maker used to change how the visualizer looked).



      As you can see in the first image, I tried sticking the music file into the bar next to the Visualizer layer and got no movement from the visualizer when I previewed it. Tried putting the audio file as a layer in the Visualizer composition itself as well, no luck, the visualizer still does not work.


      I will sheepishly admit that I am a newb with After Effects which may help you figure out what I'm doing wrong (It's probably really simple).


      So yeah, just trying to get this visualizer to work with this music


      Thank you so much for your assistance.