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    Copy from InDesign to Word?




      I am looking for a script (JavaScript or AppleScript - either is fine) that will copy the contents of an InDesign text box and paste into a Word document.  The copied content would need to be pasted into a specific position within the Word document as it will already have (albeit minimal) content in it.  Ideally, the script should present an Open dialog box for selecting the InDesign file to copy from and then a second dialog for selecting a Word document to paste into (we have 4 pre-existing Word documents that will be used).


      Not sure if this is clear but is there anyone here who would be interested in tackling this?  You would be compensated for a completed script.


      NOTE: I am *not* looking for an InDesign to Word file converter. That has been already been explored.


      I am on a Mac BTW.


      Thank you,