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    Started project too small... do I have to re-do everything or...?

    The Fluffiest Bunny Level 1

      Hi.  I searched for some info on this but I probably didn't use the best terms because I couldn't find an answer.


      I am working on my project but realize I've drawn everything too small.  When I zoom out to 100% it's not terrible or anything, but it just looks infinitely better at 175-250%.  Will also be able to justify spending time on all the small details if viewed at this size.


      I've already spent a few days drawing many pieces. 

      Do I have to restart from scratch and draw everything bigger, or is there a way I can tell the final output to display automatically at whatever %?

      I'm drawing with the brush tool.  I tried using transform tool to resize some pieces, but the distortion of the details just makes it better to re-draw. 


      Thank you for any advise!