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    Completely disable selection of PluginArt object

    btempleton1982 Level 2

      I have some plugin art that I'm trying to make completely un-selectable. I've set it up using the following options, as described in the docs:


      kPluginGroupKeepWhenEmptyOption | kPluginGroupDoNotTarget | kPluginGroupDoNotSmartTarget | kPluginGroupAskToShowContents


      These settings disable selecting by clicking on the art on the artboard or in the layers panel.


      However, if I drag a selection area that includes the plugin art, it shows as selected (Blue box), but not targeted (dark circle) in the layers panel. This then allows the plugin art to be deleted by the user, which I am trying to disable.


      Is there something I'm missing that would disable selecting the art entirely?


      Right now, I have the work-around that whenever the selection changes, I check my list of art handles and de-select them if they are selected. But, this shows the blue box in the layers panel flick on then off quickly.