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    ERROR:  This document is locked. Your permission to view it has expired.




      I've been trying to find a workaround to open a PDF document that's displaying the message "this document is locked. your permission to view it has expired"; i've tried using PDFunlock.com, opening the document in Word as a Word document, installing Adobe Acrobat and using that to open the file, and i've tried setting my computer's time and date backward to an older date.  I'm still unable to open this document as is everyone else who's tried it (and similar files).  We generally are running Windows 7 and 10 Enterprise machines with Adobe Reader xi, and Office 2016.


      This is an "issue" with the document itself and not my Adobe Reader software as i can open other PDFs without issue-it seems to be a valid security feature that we cannot seem to move past.  There are many of these "expired" PDF files that i need to open at my company-the previous gentleman left the company and left these files behind with no way for us to seemingly work with them.   Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :-)