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    Any wedding photographers here?

    scotts13523424 Level 1

      Well I ask - anyone who is interested in wedding photography do you actually use many of the Adobe CC Products?


      I have Lightroom 6 stand alone and have always wandered 'do I need Ps'? - what are your experiences.


      Critique on the images on my website would also be really useful! They were all edited with Adobe Lr. : https://weddingphotographeryeovil.co.uk/


      Many thanks in Advance,


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          johnmackinnonphotography Level 1

          Hi Scott


          I am an amateur photographer and to date have shot 1 wedding.  I have though been taking photographs and editing with Adobe products.  I had always used Ps in the past, but now I always use Lightroom.


          I think the main reason I use it is that I really like more of the presets available - maybe I am just being lazy, but when you have a lot of images to sort through in as quick a time as possible, it just really works well.


          Some of my images edited with Lightroom. https://500px.com/johnmackinnon


          All the best



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Most of the event photographers I know use Lightroom mostly. It's very easy to go through a huge batch of photos, pick good ones, and edit them. Lightroom has gotten very good even at pretty complex spot editing. They pull Photoshop out for more complex fixes or when compositing.

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              Funny seeing this post.  To the OP I'm a wedding videographer. Pretty much every photographer I work with seems to use Lightroom. Occasionally one will use Aperture. Very few need PS outside of what Szalam said, just using it to touch up here & there when they really want to.



              Nice work, btw

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                I prefer to use photoshop c6 to edit all of my photos.


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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  I have tried to get into Lightroom at least a couple of times, including paying for a later version some years back, but I just don't like the interface, and I feel able to work as quickly with Bridge and ACR.  I sometimes use the 'Previous Settings' option in ACR, or copy the settings from file to a batch of similar RAW files.  Then open in Photoshop and run an Action that applies Highpass sharpen and starts the file save process. 


                  I am also happy with my DAM using Bridge and Windows 10 importing events to a folder using 'year, month day meaningful name', so '2017_04_20 A&P Show'.   Windows 8.1 and 10 are so good at finding files on indexed drives, that I can usually find a particular folder, and then file, in moments.  I was impressed with the talk Theresa gave us about the integration with Lightroom Mobile at MAX last year, and if I still did a lot of photo gigs I might have made the effort, but I don't have that need, so I guess it is not going to happen. 


                  There's always something more pressing I need to learn, and it takes longer nowadays.   SketchUp Pro is the software I am currently trying to master, to make engineering drawings.  That was after the jaw dropping moment when I discovered how much AutoCad Lite costs nowadays.  SketchUp Make is free.

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                    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Been a full-time pro portrait/wedding photographer for 40 years now. My, how the time has flown! The first Photoshop we used was I think CS2, and we've used Lightroom since the something like .8 version "public beta". My wife and I are both PPA Master Photographers, both CPP's, and yea, Lightroom is the main place where the bulk of the work takes place, using the great culling features, ranking, auto-grouping, searching by keywords & meta, and basic image manipulation from cropping to general "looks".


                    Some images can get by with Lr, but ... for most of our main portrait images, they will go into Photoshop for final polishing.


                    A good friend ... in fact, we mentored her into her own business after she was working with us ... uses a total Bridge/Ps workflow. I've tried to show her Lr a couple times, but for her small operation, she's quite comfortable with the workflow she has, and there's no real reason she should change then.


                    I know a couple commercial shooters who use Capture One ... but for the most part, it's either Lr/Ps or Br/Ps among the many pros we know.



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                      R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                      Just went to your site, looked through a few wedding posts. You actually do see light! I see so many photographers these days who don't really see light as a tool ... as long as the camera meter finds it "usable" they shoot away, with no thought of highlights, shadows, shapes, backgrounds ... overall contrast,  all that sort of thing.


                      You have some very professionally done images that captured the reality and the joy of the events. Appropriately prepped for color, tonality, and feel ... and very, very smoothly worked. Clearly you started with well-exposed images (a challenge for so many these days) and were shooting in situations you could control ... as much as we can at "live" weddings. And then did righteous post work on them.


                      Very nice!



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                        Mau7rice Level 1

                        I've shot a few wedding so far, hopefully more soon. But I've only needed Photoshop to do a few batch operations. I would would only edit in detail if I'm trying to save and image I think is worth keeping by removing one or two things. Most the time we want to make sure we shoot the pictures right to begin with to minimize post edit.

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                          Joanna Carina

                          Hi Scott!


                          Just thought I'd say hello - I'm a wedding photographer in Minnesota (United States.) I use both Lightroom and Photoshop for every project. I use Lightroom for all the basics of editing, then bring any images into Photoshop for a final polish prior to showing clients. "Polishing" can mean anything from removing distracting background elements to skin smoothing, removing undereye circles/flyaway hairs/bruises/etc. Both are definitely needed for me!