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    Import operation was not performed


      I have a MAC and have just updated to Sierra 10.12.3.  After this update I no longer can import images from my camera.  I have re installed Lightroom 5.7.1.  I have gone and changed permissions to write & read for lightroom.  I have had no issue with importing images until now.  What else can I do to get the import operation functioning?



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          andim30646325 Level 1

          In addition I have confirmed the destination folder to read and write.  Now I have a new message " Your disc to which you are importing is low on space.  Please remove Files or empty trash to make at least 250 MB AVAILABLE before processing". I have recently deleted in December 4000 photos from light room and emptied my trash.  My SATA Disk has 999.35 GB available.




          No worries. The problem seemed to solved it self after I rebooted the computer.  Go figure???