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    Can't open CS4 file in CS6

    carl_hart Level 1

      I have InDesign CS6 now but I'm revising a book I wrote years ago in CS4. All of the CS4 files open just fine in CS6 except for one very important one. As soon as I open it, it crashes InDesign, and I get a message saying that Windows will notify me if a solution is available (as if).

      The weird thing is this crash only happens if I try opening the file while InDesign is closed. If I have already opened InDesign, either with another file open or no other file open at all, the problem file opens just fine. That makes no sense to me.

      I tried creating a new CS6 file and pasting the content of the problem file into the new CS6 file, but it's exactly the same. I've also already tried recreating the preference files. but no change.

      Can anyone help me?