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    How to set the onclick frame of an animation?


      Hello all! I am trying to make an animated button in Adobe Animate which will then be used in Adobe Muse. Currently I have a Movie Clip made of the animation that I would like to start when I am hovering over it. I first made a button, where the Up frame is the First frame of the animation. The Over frame is the animation (Movie Clip) and the Down frame is the last frame of the animation. This part of the button works when I see it in the browser. When I hover the animation begins, when I leave the animation it returns back to the first frame. However, the issue I am having is when I click the button. I would like the button to freeze and stop at the last frame. Right now when I click it, it goes to the last frame, but as my mouse finishes the click, it returns back to the Up frame. When I use this is Adobe Muse I would like the Active button to be the last frame as a drop down menu appears.


      Please help!