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    "viewing" mode photoshop


      I don't know how, but something goes wrong with the "size" visualization of the image in photoshop.

      In the pic you can see the problem. same file in illustrator and preview looks bigger that the same file opened in photoshop. screenshot.png

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          I'm also getting this same issue and would like to know how to fit it asap..

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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Photoshop displays correctly. 100% maps one image pixel to exactly one screen pixel. You have a high resolution retina screen, so the screen pixels are that much smaller.


            The native Mac apps/viewers compensate for this by automatically scaling up to 200% view, so that images display at the screen size people are used to from traditional displays. You can do the same in Photoshop with View > 200%.


            Illustrator is a vector-based and print-centric application, and it always displays according to physical print dimensions. It's important to realize that 100% in Illustrator and Photoshop means two different things. In Illustrator 100% means physical print size, or what is known in Photoshop as "print size" as opposed to 100%.