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    Roto Brush Tool - Brush Size & View point acting wired

    inarisound Level 1

      Hello beautiful people!

      Unfortunately I can't figure out what I am doing wrong here and I would like some help from experts !


      I am using After Effects CC 14.1 and when I want to resize Roto Brush tool

      (by clicking CMD + dragging my trackpad) it's not doing so.... instead it's just zooming in composition how do you change Roto Brush Tool size in After Effects for Mac ?



      P.s when I zoom in.... I find myself using Hand tool a lot.... but when I switch to the hand tool I can only see selected aria from Roto Brush (everything else would be painted in color) but I want to stay in the same view mode as I am when I am using Roto Brush.... is it possible to arrange?



      sincerely yours,