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    Lightroom-printed images are grainy, what am I missing? (DNP RX1 printer)


      Hello folks! Let me give you the rundown on the issue, starting with the equipment.


      I am trying to print images taken by a Canon T6s using a DNP RX1 photo printer. I am going through the latest version of Lightroom.


      My issue is that pictures printed through Lightroom have noise/graininess to them. Not the entire image, but it looks like a bad print job. I'm quite sure it's a Lightroom issue because I tried printing direction from my computer using File Explorer (Microsoft Explorer, ctrl-p to print) and the grainy look to the picture is gone.


      I've tried all I could think of and looked everywhere I could think of to get an answer but after about 25 printed pictures I've not had any luck.


      Under "Print Job" I've tried turning on/off Print Resolution, I've tried all different options for Print Sharpening, I've seleted Gloss paper, for Print Profile I've tried the ICC for my paper/printer, I've tried "managed by printer"...


      I've gone to "Page Setup" on the lower left, gone to properties, tried several options under "color adjustment", tried several option for sharpness...


      Now I'm at a loss as to what the issue may be. Is there something I may be missing here?


      Thank you for any help in advance!