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    Yellow Background


      I am using an older version of Photoshop (6.0) and recently every file I print gets printed with a very light yellow background. It covers the entire page except for a small borer around the edge of the paper. This happens on new files I create and on old files that were created a long time in the past. I have searched every aspect of Photoshop I can find to see if I have accidentally turn on a screen or background that I could turn off, but I have found nothing so far. It is really messing up some of the graphics that I have to print. Everything comes out with a yellow cast, albeit a light, pale yellow. I need help if anyone that is better acquainted with the software than I.


      Thanks. J. Aaron (email removed by moderator)

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi skyymann,


          Please try and reset Photoshop preferences for taking everything back to default. You need to move the Photoshop.prefs file to the desktop and launch Photoshop.


          Refer the below link for finding the Photoshop preference file.

          Photoshop CS6 preference file functions, names, locations




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            Randy Hufford Adobe Community Professional

            What do you mean everything you print please be more specific? The yellow does not show up on screen only when printing? Mac or PC what version os and PS? What printer, what printer driver? Maybe a setting in printer driver is doing this?

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional


              There are a few things you can check.


              1. Make a new image in the sRGB colour space with White - Black and 50% Grey areas.


              2. Look at those areas with the eye dropper tool. Does this show that the area is actually neutral i.e. Red = Green = Blue. Sometimes if the screen is bad then we can make an image with a colour cast to compensate for a badly calibrated screen. Assuming they really are neutral.


              3. Check your printer settings - are they set up to use the printer and paper combination that you are using. If there is a printer profile set - is it the correct one for your paper.


              4. Print the image


              If that does not get you to the problem can you post a screenshot of :

              a. The Photo shop colour settings panel

              b. The Photoshop printer settings panel

              c. The print settings (i.e the Epson/Canon etc print dialogue)



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                cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                Does this only happen in Photoshop?

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                  Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                  Are you using an Epson printer with the Advanced B&W setting?

                  It has an option called Highlight Point Shift, which will apply a very light gray to the white areas of the image to minimize gloss differential. It can be applied to just the image area, or the whole sheet.

                  It's possible that other printers have this feature too.

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                    skyymann Level 1

                    To Mohit Goyal:

                    Hey thanks. I did the keyboard version of the preference reset and the Yellow is gone. Everyone else seemed way off the mark.

                    Anyway, thanks.

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                      skyymann Level 1

                      To: Randy Hufford

                      The yellow never appears on the screen (I guess you mean the monitor). It only shows up on the printed paper. Only Mohit Goyal gave me an answer that could be followed and worked. I don't know how much more specific you wanted me to be.


                      To Everyone Else:

                      Thanks for trying. BTW, the printer had nothing to do with anything. The computer OS had nothing to do with it or being a Mac or PC. It was a Photoshop problem. I thought I said that and came to a Photoshop forum to seek help.

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                        D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        skyymann: Resetting preferences is a wipe-out option when you have no idea what the problem is. Sometimes it works, but you are no closer to knowing what the actual problem was. It just returns the application to factory state - but you also lose all your custom settings and assets (brushes, actions and so on).


                        If you had given more detailed information it could have been possible to pinpoint the exact problem. That's how much more specific people wanted you to be.

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                          skyymann Level 1
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