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    Cannot create a master page header with multiple page sizes


      I have never had a problem with this before switching over to InDesign CC, but now cannot seem to solve it.


      I have a mobile app mockup and I need to apply a header to every page. The width remains the same for all pages, but the height changes.


      Basically I need for there to be an object (its an image frame) that is always 0px from the top, no matter what the height of the page is. I have tried using liquid layout and pinning the object to the top, to no avail.


      I have attached screenshots of what I am referring to (I have replaced my header with a red box).

      This shows the master page. In the right image, you can see that the object has liquid layout applied (object-based) to be pinned to the top.


      But here you can see, when I create a new page and change the size of that page, the header does not remain fixed to the top.


      I have looked around and cannot find a solution for this anywhere, please help! Thanks!