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    Stupid People Who Don't Embed Fonts...




           Numerous times I would like to have something printed and the printer requires that the font information be included in the pdf file. What I usually need are the base 13 type 1 fonts because the idiots who made the pdf did not embed them. In the past, I have gone to Usenet and begged for them. I do not have all 13 and it may be a month before anyone replies. Usually someone is a smartass and tells me use Ghostscript equivalents. Such idiots seem not to get is that Distiller will not tolerate fonts that "look" the same. Distiller will only accept the exact fonts. When I say thanks but no thanks to some fool on Usenet, they think I am ungrateful. Also, I can't just use some font foundry and use their equivalents. When I try spending 30 bucks for a so-called equivalent, I won't work and I can kiss my money goodbye. The lowlife font foundries will not give refunds. Moreover, 13 fonts at 30 dollars each is $390. This is a basic scam. Why should fonts cost that much? There are thousands of free fonts the creators of which receive nothing. How do I get the fonts to reembed? I don't feel that I owe Adobe anything. This is a shakedown. I need the following:


      Courier (Regular, Oblique, Bold, Bold Oblique)

      Helvetica (Oblique, Bold Oblique)


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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Corinne Redding,


          Quite frankly, if we had to do it over again at Adobe, we would not have canonized the "base 14 fonts" (4 faces each of Times, Helvetica, and Courier plus Symbol and ITC Zapf Dingbats) of PDF and would have required that all PDF files have all fonts used embedded. That would have solved your basic initial problem. But unfortunately, those decisions were made about 24 years ago.


          Furthermore, I doubt whether you will get any useful solutions by calling everyone a “smartass,” “idiot,” or “fool” or for that matter describing font foundries as “lowlife” running “a basic scam.”


          There are costs to licensing fonts because there are significant costs to properly designing and implementing digital fonts, much less marketing them. Yes, there are “free” fonts posted on the internet. Some are as good or better than similar commercial fonts and others. Others are really wretched with design flaws, limited character sets, poor spacing, incorrect font metrics, and poor or inadequate pair-kerning information. And surprise, surprise … many of the “free fonts” on some websites are pirated copies of commercial fonts.


          There is no reason why a commercial font foundry should be a totally non-profit organization. I am sure that if you are working professionally, you have a salary or charge for the value of your time.


          Sorry, but no one on Usenet or anyplace else should be giving you “free copies” of commercial typefaces as such transfers are in fact illegal in virtually every civilized legal jurisdiction.


          In terms of Distiller, it looks for fonts on your system that exactly match the name of the font requested by the PostScript being converted to PDF which in turn was specified in whatever application generated the PostScript, whether that application was Word, InDesign, etc. Distiller is not what you use for embedding fonts into existing PDF files. Assuming you have the necessary fonts installed on your system, Acrobat Pro does provide appropriate Preflight Profiles to embed missing fonts. Works like a charm, but you do have to have the fonts installed!


                    - Dov