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    Photoshop Video Workflow

    JBlongz Level 1

      Using the latest CC 2017 apps here and I am very delighted with the ability to apply camera raw filters to video.  We shoot 4K UHD 3840x2160, 30fps compressed h264 .mov format via drone. I find photoshop's touch much better than any tool offered by dedicated video editors. 


      Now heres my dilemma: When I render as 'QuickTime' format with 'Animation High Quality' preset  (resolution and frame rate), Photoshop renders video more than 90x the original file size.  In other words, my 600MB source video (1 minute, 21 seconds) becomes 56GB...and takes quite a while to render on my 2013 maxed out Macbook Pro (2.8 Quad i7, 16GB ram, Nvidia GForce GT 650M).  The source video is on SSD, rendering to another SSD.  For the edit, I achieved the look entirely by the camera raw filter and created a preset so I could apply to similar clips in the future.


      Here are my questions:

      1) Can I optimize the render to output a similar file size as source video without losing quality?


      2) Is there a way to use/export my 'camera raw filter' preset as a video effect in Premiere Pro?  I do my master editing in FCPx, but I don't mind an extra step through premiere if it can solve my problem.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you can't expect file sizes equalling compressed sources and then go on about quality. Of course nothing stops you from rendering to H.264 again, but even at the best settings, you'll add another level of compression an degrade the footage further. That's just how it is. Of course nothing stops you from using less compressed intermediate formats like ProRes and DNxHD. Otherwise image sequences can be a beautiful thing. Even some TIFF flavors do pretty dezent compression, but of course the efficiency depends on the actual shot content. Premiere does not support the Raw filter yet, it's only used for importing Raw/ DNG. After Effects on the other hand does.



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            JBlongz Level 1

            Well, my drone (DJI Inspire Pro) produces compressed files initially, I can't avoid that  As for ProRes, I read many articles with opposing views... some saying it won't help the quality and some data may still be lost when transcoding.  Others say it gives more tolerance when coloring even from H.264 source.  I tried another Photoshop render as H.264, high quality and I see the further compression. The render time was still very long, but the file size was just 50MB bigger, I will look into the AE raw filter option too, thanks for that tip.  I want to achieve the best workflow between FCPx and CC.