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    Text location changes upon save


      Using Fill & Sign on a pdf (not pdf form).  After entering the text and my signature, I save and the resulting document has the text that I entered in completely different spots within the document.  I can solve it by going into Edit PDF but I don't really want to enter text in that mode.

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          onkesh Adobe Employee

          Hi jeanned16004202 ,


          Thanks for reporting the issue. We are sorry that you are facing such problem.

          Can you share with us more information related to the problem so that we can reproduce the issue at our end:

          • Acrobat DC Version that you are using.
          • Exact steps that you performed that led to the problem.
          • Is this issue specific to one file or is this happening to multiple files
          • Can you share some screenshots/screen recording for the issue.


          Looking forward to your cooperation.




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            jeanned16004202 Level 1

            Hello - i actually got it to work by reducing the zoom level to 75%, which is strange, so I'm going to still mark this as an issue.


            I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Version 2015.023.20056

            I navigated to the page in which I wanted to add text, selected Tools/Fill & Sign/ and used the text and sign functions to fill in a form (however this form was not created as a PDF form - just a word document that was converted to pdf).  When I click 'Save' the refreshed document placed the text at the top of the page.  I went back into the document using the Edit function and physically moved the text boxes back into place.  When I saved that version, the text remained and the document looked as it should have.

            I have used this function with files from different sources with no issues.  This has occurred with multiple versions of this one document which I have received from a different source.

            I am uploading the screen capture - however, when I go into this same file and try to recreate the issue, it no longer happens.Capture After Save.JPG