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    Feedback on a new extension for Illustrator I've created called PowerScripts.


      Hi Guys


      I posted in Reddit and one of the users over there suggested this forum.


      I've created a new Extension called PowerScripts for Adobe Illustrator and I would like you guys to download a trial and get your feedback (CC 2015+ and Windows only at this stage)


      Its in BETA and still quite a bit of work to do, I'd say 98% done, but the last 2% is hard.


      I've been in the print industry for 18 years and owned my own businesses plus worked for other companies. During that time I've written a lot of scripts for various apps to help speed up mundane pre-press tasks. Its all been a bit ad-hoc however I've spent a ton of time over the last 6 months putting together all the tools I've made over the years into an extension called PowerScripts.


      Further down the track I was considering getting some other coders on board to also write scripts for PowerScripts since its basically a framework to create scripts easily. I'm not sure how I will go about this.


      Quite frankly its a lot of hard work and a bit nerve racking trying to release a commercial product, I know these tools have worked well for me and other businesses who have tried them, but its another thing making them public! In fact asking you guys to check it out is even scarier - be kind!


      You can view the extension here http://www.o2creative.co.nz/powerscripts.php and request a trial here.  I have do manually process this because I don't have online serial generation running yet)



      Since this is the geeky crowd

      • Full JavaScript ICC color engine with V2 ICC support and basic V4 ICC Profile support in JavaScript (Only runs in CEP at this stage)
      • Read ACE files
      • Custom UI controls in addition to HTML inputs, drag and drop file lists, datatables, Color Pickers etc
      • All scripts are in an XML file, which is used the for UI, HTML in a CDATA tag used to create the tabs / inputs
      • All UI form data is passed to the script as a object, such as args.width, args.resizeArtboard.
      • A toolbox class which makes a ton of stuff easier, Apply fills , create clipping marks etc.
      • A chainable selection class which is like Jquery for Illustrator. selection.select(document.selection).scale(0.5).removeStroke().fillCMYK(0,0,40,0).rotate( 45).group('group name').clipInside('savedSelectionName').alignTo(artboard,'top','center')
      • Cached scripts
      • A packager which can distribute scripts via automatic downloads and signs them.
      • Scripts can have multi-language support
      • 20,000 lines of code excluding the scripts
      • Tons more


      Benefits if you are the dev

      • Really quick to create scripts
      • Everything you need in one XML file
      • HTML UI - CSS, JavaScript and pre-built controls.
      • UI values are automatically passed to the script
      • Selection buttons, allows the user to select and remember selection.
      • User can save default settings (no special code needed)
      • Cookies so your scripts can remember 'stuff'
      • Library of code


      I welcome your feedback

      • What scripts you like and would find useful
      • Problems and where things don't work.
      • Suggestions for improvements.
      • Ideas for new features and new scripts
      • General thoughts


      If you have any questions, happy to answer them.


      Glenn Wilton