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    Opening network files as URL on Mac


      Hi everybody,


      Im looking for a solution to open network files directly on a Mac in Photoshop.

      On Windows my team can copy a network URL file and open and save this directly in Photoshop.

      Is there a way to open a network URL directly in Photoshop on Mac aswell?


      As an example, we try to open a network file location looking like this:



      The idea behind this is that the 'xxxxx' folder has tons of files so we cannot navigate directly to it without a very long wait.

      You can open a folder on mac with cmd + shift + G but I cannot find anything to open a file like that.


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          There doesn't seem to be a URL in your post. There is a filename/file path/whatever, but a URL would usually start http:// or https:// . So I guess you just want to open from a filename.


          If Photoshop would open the PNG on a double click you can use this in a command line:

            open   "/Volumes/NAS/xxxxx/4798593-1-4982727.png"

          Quotes are recommended. Only opens the default app.

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            89peter Level 1

            Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


            I've made a small AppleScript that opens the files with a input dialog, for anyone else facing this problem.


            set program to choose from list {"Adobe Photoshop CC 2017", "Adobe Illustrator"}

            display dialog "Open bestand in Photoshop" default answer "/Volumes/NAS/xxxxx/"

            set filename to text returned of result

            do shell script "open -a '" & program & "' " & filename