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    flv cue points and SeekBar component

      Hello there - I have a quick question regarding cue points.
      I am creating a file (flash CS3 using AS2) that includes an FLV video with cue points. The video is an FLVPlayback component (vs. a video object), and the cue points have been embedded in the FLV using the Flash Video Encoder.

      The video is a simple video capture of a person presenting a slide show. The video does not include the slides that this person is presenting. When the video plays and the cue points are reached, I have set slides (not part of the video, just separate elements on the stage) to appear on the stage, and change as each cue point is reached. The slides display at the appropriate point in the presentation, and this seems to work well.

      The issue comes in with the scrubber. I am using the SeekBar component to show progress through the video and to allow the end user to scrub through the video, if they wish. However, when they scrub, the slides do not change. Meaning, if the user moves the scrubber forward or backward, the slide does not change to match the new location of the playhead, so the slides are out of synch with the presenter in the video.

      Is there a way to "read" the current cue point, based on the location of the playhead, so that the appropriate slides display at the proper scrubbed time in the movie?
      Thanks for your help!