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    Flash Video & XML


      I am not a Flash user, but from what I've read I think it might do what I need.

      I have a Quicktime that I could convert to Flash video. I have jpeg files that I want to show side -by-side with the video at specific times during the video. I also have an XML file that defines when to show the jpegs (based on timecode) and which file to show at that time. I would keep the jpegs on a server. Using this method, I can update my jpeg graphics without having to edit the video. Less time consuming to update an element than to update the entire video. Update the jpeg, and replace it on the server with the same name.

      The user would play the Flash movie. At specific times, a web browser window would open up to show a jpeg file. And ongoing points, the web broswer would change to subsequent jpeg files as defined by the XML. It's basically a power point that runs concurrently with the Flash video.

      Can this be done in Flash? Easily? Expertly? With what software components?

      Thanks for any help or comments.