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    Organizing Text - "splitting" text boxes?

    linusr31378619 Level 1

      Hey everyone,


      I again wonder if theres an easy solution to a problem i havent been able to work out for a while in InDesign..

      What I wished to be able to do in InDesign is splitting a Text box - or better to release a certain word or phrase into a new box..

      So say youre making a flyer and you have all the dates, author names, topics, venues in a single text document, now you want to split them up and give each differnet fonts and weights and so on, I always end up copying each and every one seperatly and organizing them later..

      Is there any way to break up a big text box with lots of information into small pieces quickly / efficiently?

      What would also be amazing is a kind of a free text selection? say there are all the dates on the left of a line/paragraph and some venue descripition on the other side of the line, is there a way to select the dates and release them into their own textbox?


      12.05        Superbowl

      11.09        Theater

      09.12        Christmas


      or a way to at least select multiple text parts like you do with objects and the crtl+click?

      might there be any scripts for this?


      Seems like a common problem and a big time consumer.. How do you go about this ?


      Thank you!