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    Any motion graphic forum? except dribble

    trialboj Level 1



      I am precticing motion graphics in Ae, but there are no forums wheere I can post my stuff to get some feedback. So I'm stuck at a levele, where I cant go further. Is there any other active forum where are people who could make some comments on my posted short text/logo animations?


      Here are one, I'M currently working on:



      Its too basic, but I have no idea what to do to give some extra life. Or how the end the animation, probably I need to make the text disappear, but in a cool short way...


      Hope there is someone here who can help with some advice, regarding mostly on the first part of my post.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Very clever. I would add a little exaggerated motion blur to the movement and put in some sound effects. You might also want to be a little more careful with spelling and grammar when posting and showing off your work.


          Unless you are transitioning to something along the same line a cut or 3 or 4 frame fade out would be better than some kind of "cool' effect at the end to get rid of the text. Too much cool get's campy and boring very quickly.


          Also, try Motionographer for inspiration, don't forget Behance right from the Adobe CC app and don't miss Adobe's My Portfolio site to showcase your work.


          You can also follow After Effects on social media. There's a lot of places for inspiration and sharing.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are some, very active subreddits on reddit.com that you should look at. /r/AfterEffects is specific to AE stuff, but there is often content for critiques posted there with good feedback. And there are some motion graphics and motion design subreddits too (I can't remember the actual names and Reddit is blocked where I work, so I can't check very easily, but I think /r/AfterEffects links to them in the sidebar).


            Semi-connected to /r/AfterEffects is an After Effects Discord group (the post about it is stickied at the top of /r/AfterEffects). There are, actually, several Discord groups that you could join related to this (again, I don't have access to mine, so I can't share them at the moment).


            And, if you want some true industry giants to see your stuff, there are some Slack groups you can join. http://hashtagmotiondesign.com/ is where you can apply to join the Motion Design Artists Slack (there is a bar to entry here). Greyscale Gorilla has a Slack you can join (very active too). And, I believe Motionographer has a Slack that you can join if you back them on Patreon.


            Linked-In often has groups you can join that are related to software or professions and you can get feedback there as well.

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              trialboj Level 1

              Ok, So I found this Discord forum, which is quite active, and easy to use: https://discordapp.com/channels/277241353539420160/277241353539420160


              I know about the behance of course, have many major projects presented there, but the WIP option is cancelled, so there is no way to upload stuff that is not ready yet. + no one cares about average stuff there.


              So at this forum they gave me a few advice, and here are the improved version Ytube-smooth.gif

              There is only some minor changes, but I think this looks much better than the previous one.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Second version is better.


                Here is a workflow hint that is difficult of most folks to follow. When you get your animation looking pretty good, render it and then walk away for a while and let your mind move to other tasks. Then, after a half hour or an hour or even a day, go back to the animation and look at it ONCE at full resolution on the device you expect most of your audience to use. At very least, look at it full screen on your monitor. When it ends just stop and think about what you just saw for a moment. If the piece is longer than a few seconds try and write down anything that seemed to bother you. Check the bothersome cuts a frame at a time to see if there is really some funky visual effect happening and if necessary fix those few frames.


                Most folks will watch an animation over and over and over and over and over and try and make good decisions while obsessing over a cut. What I'm trying to say is that if you do not walk away and give brain enough time to take a fresh and objective look at the edit you are not going to have a very good chance of making any meaningful improvements.


                Nice job. Any client should be pleased.

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                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                  here are my suggestions:

                  1. is this the output resolution? it 3:4 while most output specs would require 16:9 - this will have an effect on your final appearance. you should try view your logo reveal in context of the final output if you haven't already. if this is going to youtube, the black and red will be much more dominant

                  2. I love the Y triangle going into the circle, but I find the red and black bar very distracting. maybe much smaller rectangles, I am not sure, maybe you could dismiss them entirely. try this: keep the black bg at all times, and use the text as an alpha matte for the red rectangle, so it will appear only on "YOUR".

                  3. add a little scale motion for the whole thing. in Israel we call this "breathing". add's a lot to any title sequence.

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                    trialboj Level 1

                    Thanks for the advice, and appreciation too. I know and use this method in my major projects.


                    Maybe you are right, and there is no need for an outro animation. (Mostly because I have nothing in mind)


                    If I have some free time, I'm going for some retouch on the splash animation. I think that's a little bit weird, if you really want to find something bad.

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                      trialboj Level 1



                      It will be a title/header for a youtube redesign project on behance... if I manage to finish it.

                      I like the rectangles, the whole animation is based on those, so i cant remove them.


                      But the breathing idea is good, just not sure when should I use it? This whole animation has a bottom-top -left- right movement, when should I add scale timing to the text?



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                        Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                        I would scale the whole thing the whole way through. just a touch.