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    Can I Convert a Paragraph Style to a Script Label?

    sidd32925467 Level 1

      Hi all.


      Is it possible to convert a Paragraph Style to a Script Label?


      I have multiple boxes and so deleting or converting the style to text isn't an option.


      I have the below but the Script Label reads "[object cell]'.



      //This is only part of the script


      //Place  canvas code

      var myText = myTable.rows[6].cells[3];

      var myParaStyle = myDocument.paragraphStyles.item("Lightbox Code");

      myText.texts.item(0).applyParagraphStyle(myParaStyle, true);

      myText.contents = "\r";



      //Script label

      var scriptLabel = myText.toString();

      myCell.pageItems[0].label = scriptLabel;

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          milligramme Level 3



          `myText` is not proper variable name, this is Cell Object.


          var myText = myTable.rows[6].cells[3];
          var scriptLabel = myText.toString();



          I guess using `appliedParagraph.name` to Cell's Text solve your issue.


          thank you


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            sidd32925467 Level 1

            Hi MG.

            Sorry but can you explain further?


            I've tried the below code but get an error message -


            //Script label

            var scriptLabel = myTable.rows[6].cells[3].appliedParagraph.name;

            myCell.pageItems[0].label = scriptLabel;

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi sidd,

              look up the DOM documentation and Help files of the ESTK.

              Some valuable links in this thread here:

              Re: indesign scripting tutorial


              Object Cell has a texts property.
              And object Texts has appliedParagraphStyle property. Not appliedParagraph.

              And appliedParagraphStyle is indeed a PargaraphStyle, that has a name property.

              And if the value of name is what you are after you can do it like that:


              var scriptLabel = myTable.rows[0].cells[3].texts[0].appliedParagraphStyle.name;


              because the value of name is a String object.

              Labels can hold only Strings as value.


              What exactly is behind variable myCell ?

              And is a pageItem pasted in myCell?

              Or is myCell a graphic cell and pageItems[0] is the container of an image that sits in the cell?


              Note: You can also use the cell itself to label it.


              myCell.label = scriptLabel;


              And if you select the cell and the Script Label panel is open you will see the value of the label.


              Example from my German InDesign CC 2017:

              ( Skriptetikett => Script Label , [Kein Absatzformat] => [No Paragraph Style] )



              If you go through the cells using the arrow keys, the script label is changing, because I applied different paragraph styles and labeled all the cells: