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    Photoshop CC 2017 - 3D not working

    sn3d Level 1



      the problem is I have the 3D option available but when I'm trying to create new 3D Object by hitting the 'Create' button I get the error message saying I have to turn Graphic Acceleration in options - but its on.


      I have 2 Video cards, both nVidia (GTX 680 and GTX 1080) so after I've found an info that Adobe Photoshop does not support multi GPU I've tried to switch them off in nVidia setting for the application (force to use first and then second) but that didn't help.


      Tried to turn the graphic acceleration of, resetting Photoshop, turning it on again with different settings, Basic, Normal, Advanced. Still have this error message when I try to Create some 3D shapes.


      All other functions work, I have no glitches, no crashes, Oil Paint works.. help ?


      latest Windows 10, latest CC, latest drivers


      thanks, S.