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    Dynamic data from URL

      I have a Flash page that allows a user to dynamically select a graphic's mat colors frame type, and frame color. The graphic is to be loaded from our ZenCart shopping cart. I can call the Flash page from ZenCart and would like to just encode the graphic's ID at the end of the URL that calls the Flash page, like this: http://www.mypage.com?ZC=180. In this example I would parse my XML DB looking for graphic number 180, display it, and I'm done.

      I'm confused (after looking at a gazillion Flash and ActionScript books and Googling every term I can think of). Should I be using loadVars, FlashVars, URLLoader or something else? Does anyone have any code snippets I can look at? I'm spending too much time researching this problem and not enough time solving it...the client's getting antsy.

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          Gart, I am going through the same problem. I have a script which sends the FlashVars dynamically to the object and embed tag however once I get the FlashVars inside of Flash I am not able to access them.

          <script src="js/swfobject.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
          <div id="comm" style="margin:0px; padding:0px; text-align:left; width:500px; height:350px; background-color:#636363;">
          <strong>You need to upgrade your Flash Player</strong>
          <script type="text/javascript">
          // <![CDATA[

          var so = new SWFObject("pflipper.swf", "pflipper", "500", "600", "8.0.23", "#636363", true);
          so.addVariable("myURL", getQueryParamValue("<cfoutput>#URL.myURL#</cfoutput>"));

          // ]]>

          Here is my AS.

          if (_level0.myURL == undefined) {

          else {

          This absolutely works. However, I am not sure how to test for certain variables in AS such as
          If myURL == 4 do this

          I know that this should be in an if statement but everything I have tried like this does not work?