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    Problem with ToC export tagging

    Thomas 1976

      Hello everyone,


      I'm using Indesign CC 2017 on a Mac.


      I Have a problem with the navigation of the first page of my epub (3.0 - reflowable) which is the ToC page. Though the navigation with the internal ToC of iBooks works properly, my first page on the document remains problematic. The book I'm working on has four sections - an introduction and three chapters - and for some obscure reason, the navigation works only with the introduction and the third one. The three chapters have three levels of heading each :


      1) chapter number - for the page break - (h1)

      2) chapter title (h2)

      3) sub-headings (h3)


      I have verified numerous time that, when preparing the ToC, my "Make anchor text" boxes were checked for each items and the "hidden character" of anchor. I have tried to redo the two problematic chapters from the third one and the introduction and I even restarted the mock-up from scratch and it always end-up with "Anchor text unfindable" error message (for the first and second chapter - Introduction and third chapter works properly) when finishing the export of my epub. I hope i'm clear enough (I'm French...). Can somebody please help me ?


      Thanks for your time.