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    "Output color depth exceeds project color depth" prompt needs to go.

    jackthegiantslayer Level 1

      For years now myself and other animators have complained about this annoying prompt that halts the render process. Most of our output presets use ProRes at a high color depth, but when working in a comp the color space is often set to 8-bit for faster work. When you go to render to a codec that is higher than the comp it give you the "Output color depth exceeds project color depth" that stops the render before it starts, and if you are working on multiple monitors you sometimes miss the prompt as it might pop up in a location you miss. You have to click OK for every single comp that is stacked up, and if you overstrike the number of returns to clear each freaking render, it sometimes accidentally triggers the render "pause" button. I've come back from lunch to find nothing rendered and this annoying, useless, unnecessary prompt sitting there staring at me. Either give us a checkbox on this prompt that says "Do not ask again" or get rid of it altogether, because it doesn't accomplish anything.