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    Photoshop no longer opens camera raw when selecting multiple lightroom files


      Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere but I haven't seen the exact same problem elsewhere and none of the other answers have fixed my issue. 


      The last time I tried to do focus stacking in photoshop I selected multiple images in lightroom and selected edit in photoshop.  I then got a camera raw window with all the images in a browser at the side.  I could make edits on one and synchronise the settings before merging in photoshop and making final adjustments.


      Now photoshop by-passes the camera raw and opens each file.  I cannot bring them all into adobe camera raw and I've wasted hours already trying to find out what's changed and how to set it back.


      I do not have 'Show "Start" Workspace when No Documents are Open" checked.  Has anyone got any other solution to my problem?


      Thanks for reading