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    Premiere Element 14

    marcel charpentier



      I finished my project saved it and the closed it.When I returned to work on

      it again when I opened it the pictures and video where replaced with a red

      message and when I clicked on it I got the following , this type of file is

      not supported,or the required codec is not installed,what do I do to get my

      project back ?



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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          What are the source files?

          Where did the source files come from?

          Where were the source files when you started the project?

          Where are the source files now?

          What did the red message say?

          What steps did you take to save the project?

          How long did you work on the project?

          What are your "Auto Save" settings in Preferences?

          Can you try again and post a screen shot of the red message?

          What computer operating system are you using?

          How much disk space do you have?

          How much memory do you have?

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            I have a red message as well but my says media off line.. now CODEC.=IS AN EXTENSION ALLOWS COMPRESSION & DECOMPRESSION OF FILES.