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    Computer crashing when using Lightroom CC

    keithg45380509 Level 1

      I've been having issues the last month, and haven't gotten anywhere with Adobe Support, so thought I would bounce this around here. After I would upload images to Lightroom, my computer would start crashing a while afterwards. At first it was 15 mins afterwards, then it  got progressively worse, to where I couldn't begin to even edit one image. I tried resetting SMC and Pram first. Then I did a factory reset, then restored everything on the computer from time machine. Then I wiped it clean, and manually restored everything app by app. Apple tested the machine, it had no problems. So I bought a brand new Macbook Pro a couple weeks ago. And guess what, I started having issues, just like before about a week into owning it. I have spent hours on the phone/computer with Apple support, and hours on with Adobe support, including multiple trips to the Apple Store (50 miles away). I haven't been able to get anywhere near a resolution to the problem. Has anyone else had or heard of this issue?