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    "Error! Check Activation"


      Computer: Windows 10 on HP laptop


      I am a library technician but I cannot download any ebooks in ADE because I get "Error!Check Activation" message. I used to be able to download book ONLY on my original Toshiba computer, but now I get same message on that computer too. I have done following steps many times over a few weeks:


      1. I have followed steps to "Deauthorize computer" on this site. could NOT deauthorize old Toshiba computer or new HP computer because my password is not correct (I have tried every password I can think of but the original password would be years old)

      2.Under Computer Authorization, get message "Computer is already authorized"

      2.Changed my password several times but can't deauthorize on either computer with new password.

      3. Only way I could download ebooks on my HP computer was to uninstall and reinstall ADE everytime I downloaded1 book. If tried to download another book, got "Error!Check Activation" message

      4. Have contacted Adobe support to get original password but they could not give me that info.

      5. Now I cannot download any books on Toshiba or HP computer even if I uninstall and reinstall program.


      Please help. I am supposed to teach library patrons how to use ADE and I cannot download ebooks on my own computer!!!!


      Thank you