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    Remove an effect from a corrupted AE project file


      I downloaded a free C4D template (Eyedesyn Jumbotron) just needed a little inspiration.

      The template has a comp w/ RSMB... previously when I'd open the project I'd get the missing effect dialog, click ok and go on working.

      Just tried opening the project to set up overnight renders and now when I click 'OK' at the missing effect warning my project defaults to an untitled /unsaved empty new project.


      I can see all the media loading and then as soon as I click ok.... gone.


      I created a new project and Imported my original project, which seemed to work but all my C4D project files are missing.

      (if thats the only solution.... ugh, so much dynamic link here.


      Is there a way to remove the -RSMB- Effect from the 'Project' without opening it?

      I have a feeling that may help.