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    lost a whole day of work - scripting?

    Krischu Level 1

      I'm still using RH9 on a large project. Also have RH11 and 12 (2015) but for the moment my question should focus on RH).

      So far so good. Yesterday I have been working intensively on a bunch of pages (.htm)  by opening each page, inserting a

      conditional tag (that named TODO) and left RH9 open over night thinking my changes were stored automatically.


      This morning I found that I was logged out of the machine and had to restart RH9. All of my changes were gone.
      When are changes stored in RH9? When you leave the app? Aren't they stored on the fly?


      Anyway, it has happened and now I'm seeking for a faster way to add that conditional TAG into the .htm file.


      Is there a way to insert something into the page quickly by, say one or two clicks? That way I can quickly glance at all pages once again, insert

      that pattern and postprocess the files later with a batch grep/sed job.


      And there isn't a TAG condition like "output ONLY what is tagged under this condition", is it?